Heated Stadium Seats

Heated stadium seats can make a huge difference in the comfort level at a football or soccer game that is played in the freezing temperatures regardless of what the thermostat says. Devoted fans follow their favorite teams despite the weather outside, but after sitting on the icy metal or wooden stadium seats, they quickly notice just how cold it is outside. The difference between enjoying the game in comfort or simply trying to survive until the game is over often depends on heated stadium seats. Heated seats can cost anywhere from around $25 to $100, depending on the style and manufacturer. Consumers find that some seats work best for their needs, while others prefer different types because they stay charged longer or feel more comfortable.

There are many types of seats available, and HeatedStadiumSeats.com has solutions that will help fans stay warm and cozy throughout the entire game. Many people buy simple heated cushion seats that are lightweight, easy to carry, and are affordable. There are also deluxe models of stadium chairs available that heat the seat and back, and some also have a massage feature for the back portion. Those who attend college games at their alma mater or where their child or grandchild plays for the team will want to purchase seats in team colors when they are available. Some colleges offer heated seats in their bookstore or spirit shop with the team logo that are very popular.

One very convenient type of seat is the size of a laptop, and it has features that are worthwhile. Some of these are a zippered waterproof pocket to store car keys, tickets, or other necessities. The carrying strap allows the seat to be transported on the shoulder, and the strap can be used to secure the seat on the back of a plastic stadium seat. When the seat is unzipped, it separates into a seat and back portion for extra comfort. There is no battery required because the warmth comes from a gel pack that must be boiled before bringing it to the game. When warmth is needed, there is a button on the gel pack that can be pushed to activate it. It can be reused hundreds of times.

Many stadiums have bleachers without backs, so the best type of heated seat is one without a back for those who attend games in these facilities. There are seat cushions that are battery operated. Some of them work for up to 10 hours on one charge, and they use rechargeable lithium batteries. For comfort, the cushion has three inches of high-density foam to take the pressure off of hips and legs while sitting for extended periods of time. The temperature can be adjusted from a low of 85 degrees to a high of 135 degrees. Although some companies make their seats in one color only, it is possible to find them in basic colors like black, navy blue, green, blue, red, or maroon. Some cushions have heating features that last for around five hours, which is usually long enough to enjoy the game.

Another type of heated seat is made with gel inside that is supposed to be more comfortable than a cushion-type stadium seat. The gel warms up in the cold temperatures, and it can also be used to keep cool in the hot summer months after being placed in the freezer for a few hours. They are used for comfort in cars, boats, golf carts, in wheelchairs, and for camping. They can be used while sitting on the ground fishing, hunting, or snowmobiling as well. Heated massaging stadium seats are also popular. They have an aluminum frame and both a back and seat. It uses rechargeable batteries, and it can provide warmth and massage for up to three hours.

A lightweight, heated seat made by one company is 11 inches by 14 inches and weighs less than one pound. It is easy to transport to the game and home again since it rolls up and fits into a pouch that is sold with it. This particular seat also features three difference choices of temperatures, which is a real bonus since many people say that the one temperature seats often need to be turned off because they get too hot. It operates for over four hours without needing a charge.