Buy a Heated Stadium Seat and Stay Warm All Season Long

Heated stadium seats are an important device for anyone who attends sports events in the cold weather. The warmth of the seats can make a big difference in how comfortable a fan stays in the freezing or below freezing temperatures. Most types of heated stadium seats are able to maintain the heat for three, five, or seven hours, and sometimes longer. Seats have different designs, but many of them have aluminum frames with water-resistant nylon fabric covers. Some models also massage the sports fan’s back as the game takes place. A very convenient feature of some styles is a nylon carrying bag with a shoulder strap so that the seat can be easily transported. The website has a wide selection of heated stadium seats at affordable prices.

Some seats have additional thick cushioning that adds to the comfort that they provide. The seat can be taken to games even when the temperature is warm outside because it can be used without turning on the heating device. Any parent who has sat through an afternoon of their child’s football or baseball games in a hard, cold metal bleacher seat will be thankful to have the cushioned seat that makes it much more bearable to sit for hours. The size of the seats is ample and provides adequate space for most people. One brand has an LED heat output indicator that allows the user to control the amount of heat produced. It is sold with a lithium battery and charger.

cold stadium seatAnother use for these seats is for ice fishing since sitting on thick ice can be extremely uncomfortable after a few hours. Waterproof material is used on the seats so that they will not shrink or be damaged if they get wet. The heat that radiates through the cushioning helps prevent stiffness in the back and legs, and models with massage features have the additional advantage of helping the body’s circulation in the legs and hips. Campers who like to stay outdoors throughout the winter can also stay warm in their cabin or tent when they place their stadium seat onto a regular folding chair. It is possible to buy an additional battery for many models that will provide double the amount of heated time.

Many people like to buy a stadium seat that can heat and cool as well, especially if they live in an area that has extreme heat during some of the months of the year. One model that can heat and cool has a large pouch for keeping ice. Soft drinks or beer can be kept on ice until it is time for some refreshment. Another type of seat has two cooler areas on either side that can store up to 15 cans of beverages. These seats are especially convenient for those who like to attend outdoor concerts during the hot summer months. This type of seat is slightly larger than many other standard heated seats, so it is a good idea to be sure that it meets the size requirements for the stadium in the university or commercial sports arena.

Heated seat cushions are also sold, and they can bring some comfort to the stadium. For most people, they do not provide the warmth and comfort of a stadium seat that also has a back. Cushions cost almost as much as stadium seats, and sell for around $50 or more if they are heated. A portable stadium seat made with an aluminum frame that has a seat and back costs around $75 to $100. There are many choices of heated stadium seats for consumers who value their comfort. Most of them are sold with a warranty, and many use rechargeable batteries that are economical and better for the environment than throw away batteries. Once a sports fan owns one of these seats, they will never want to attend a sporting event or concert without one.